By the time Theo could crawl, cataracts had started stealing his sight.


By the time Theo could crawl, cataracts had started stealing his sight.

Every day, children like two-year-old Theo become blind due to preventable conditions, like cataracts. Just because they are too poor to afford treatment. Many women, men and children living in the world’s poorest places have absolutely no access to basic eye health services.

Cataracts can be removed by a straightforward operation, but for many children, like Theo living in poverty, the cost of this life changing treatment is out of reach.

Theo’s mother, Triphine, has to guide him around their small hut in Rwanda because he cannot see clearly and often collides with the walls. She fears not only for her son’s safety, but also for his future.

“If Theo is blind, he will always need help. What should become of him?”

Theo’s family are smallholders, living off a tiny plot of land where they grow beans and corn; just enough to feed themselves.

Triphine and her husband know that it would take them years to borrow or save enough money for the operation needed to remove the cataracts – by which time, it will be too late to save their son’s sight.

With your help today, we can not only fund life-changing interventions like cataract surgery, but also train health workers, equip hospitals and strengthen eye health systems, helping build communities where nobody is needlessly blind.

Theo from Rwanda has cataracts in both eyes

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