Join us and help protect families from blinding trachoma


Trachoma is rife in countries like Ethiopia.
Start your monthly gift and help stop it from stealing the sight of children like Sheite.

Join us and help protect families from blinding trachoma

Trachoma is rife in countries like Ethiopia. Start your monthly gift and help stop it from stealing the sight of children like Sheite.

Just like her grandmother, nine year-old Sheite could lose her sight to blinding trachoma.

Heyiriya from Ethopia, East Africa, has untreated trachoma. The infection swells up your eyelids, which forces them to turn inwards towards the eye. This means with every blink your eyelashes scratch your eyes, forming thousands of tiny scars.

It’s one of the most painful ways to become blind. It is also easy to pass from person to person via unwashed hands, towels or flies.

But many people cannot afford medicine or surgery, so have no chance to stop the infection before it is too late. And if you become blind, you also lose the chance to work or go to school, making it so much harder to earn your own living and build a future.

But it doesn't have to happen. Trachoma is treatable if you catch it early and with your support, entire villages can be protected.

Your monthly donation can help share medicine, run surgeries and support families for the long term. This future, free of the pain and blindness of trachoma, is possible with your help.

"I don't like it but I want to help her”

To help temporarily stop the pain, many people with trachoma use tweezers to pluck out their eyelashes, something Sheite does for her grandmother with the utmost care.

“When my grandi asks me to help her, I take the Werento (tweezers) and pull her eyelashes out. All of them. Grandmother says, they disturb her a lot. I don't like it but I want to help her”, adds Sheite

Heyiriya says she prefers the tweezers to the pain of her eyelashes scraping her eyes with every single blink. Unfortunately, trachoma will still take away her sight unless she can get surgery, which her family simply cannot afford.

Grandmother smiling to camera with a CBM outreach worker, wearing a red shirt, standing behind her.


Trachoma is the cause of sight problems for about 2.2 million people.

In Ethiopia alone, there are more than 9 million children between the ages of 1 and 9 living with untreated trachoma. There is a huge amount of work to be done before children like Sheite are safe.

But the World Health Organisation announced that trachoma had been eliminated as a public health problem from 13 countries.

It is possible to beat the disease and by working together, you can help do the same for Sheite, Heyiriya and many families just like theirs.

You can save the sight of hundreds of people and take steps towards eliminating trachoma.

If you choose to start a regular gift, more eye clinics can run, more health workers will be trained on how to identify the disease and they can perform more surgeries to protect people's sight. 

Eliminating trachoma will take on-going effort.

But a regular gift from you means that we can continue sharing the love of God around the world.

It means that you can save the sight of hundreds of people, preventing a life of blindness. You'll keep children in school or let them help their parents to grow food. People will be able to keep their jobs and continue to provide for their children. And children like Sheite can look forward to their future - Sheite wants to become a doctor and care for everyone around her.


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