Blindness has many causes. Poverty shouldn’t be one of them.



Blindness has many causes. Poverty shouldn’t be one of them.

Until December 31st, every £1 you give unlocks £4 more. One gift, five times the impact.

Jean-Baptiste became blind last year because of cataracts. He lives in one of the poorest communities in the world, and the cost of the surgery to remove his cataracts is simply way beyond his means.


Cataracts have stolen so much from Jean-Baptiste’s life. Needlessly. No one should go blind because they are poor. But so many people in developing countries do. It’s so desperately unfair.

A simple operation costing just £24 for each eye could lift Jean-Baptiste out of the darkness and restore his world. But he and his family live in extreme poverty in a rural community in Africa’s Rwanda, and they simply can’t afford it.

Thanks to our funding partner, donations made before 31st December will have five times the impact. Your gift will have an incredible life-changing impact on five times as many people like Jean-Baptise, who live in the world's poorest countries. 

Jean-Baptiste used to be a proud man. So strong and able. He was generous with his energy, providing for his family and being active in his community. He built the family’s home with his bare hands. He grew crops to feed his family and to sell at the market for a small income. He looked after his precious cow. He went to church every Sunday.

But now that he is blind, he is forced to rely on his wife, Thacienne, and his children, for everything.

“I can’t do anything by myself. My family cook food and bring it to me. They put water near me so I can reach it to wash myself.”

Even walking around just outside his home is difficult. The ground is rocky and uneven. And he lives on a steep hill, beside a treacherous drop down into a valley. He must test every footstep with the tip of his walking stick before he dares move forward.

Blindness has robbed Jean-Baptiste of his independence. But he still has his faith, and his faith is unshakable.

“The main thing that helps me is that people come and visit me and pray with me. Before they did this, I felt like my heart was empty. I was really dejected.”


Please will you make a gift today to save the sight of people living in extreme poverty?

Funds raised up to £400,000 by 31st December 2019 will be maximised in value through our funding partner. In the event of surplus donations, any unspent funds, which are not subject to the above-mentioned unlocking arrangements, will be used to support similar CBM projects where the need is greatest.

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