Will you help a child like Viola live a life free from pain?

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Viola has clubfoot, but for many people living in poverty, the cost of treatment is out of reach. Can you help?

Will you help a child like Viola live a life free from pain?

Viola has clubfoot, but for many people living in poverty, the cost of treatment is out of reach. Can you help?

With your gift today, you can free a child like Viola from a life of constant pain.

Viola, pictured above, is from Uganda in East Africa and was born with clubfoot in both of her feet. It is a relatively common condition that sees a child’s feet twist inwards.

Clubfoot can be corrected, but if left untreated, it can be excruciatingly painful. And if you cannot afford surgery to treat it, you risk being disabled for life.

CBM Outreach Clinics in Uganda bring life-changing medical care to thousands of people every year. But there are thousands more who will never get this opportunity. That is, unless someone like you steps in.

Nobody should become disabled just because they are poor. And no child should have to walk with pain for something which can be treated.

Please donate today and help reach children like Viola that have been left behind.


Viola's story

Viola’s Grandmother, Joyce, has taken care of her since she was just four months' old. Joyce has never given up on her granddaughter. After a failed surgery some years ago, she cared for Viola’s feet for months and, against all odds, her left foot healed.

Viola is now 11 years old and there is little sign that her left foot was ever clubbed. But her right foot is still badly turned inwards and causes Viola constant pain.

Joyce has done her very best to raise her granddaughter. She’s toiled in the fields for years, always putting her family first, but now she finds herself slowing down.

She is understandably worried about her granddaughter’s future.

“I am getting old. I fear she will always need someone to help her…

What will happen to her if she grows up to be a helpless woman?”

Joyce, Viola's grandmother (wearing green), with Viola's Aunty Beth, as CBM's partner social worker inspects Viola's foot.

Viola before intervention at home. Viola was born with bilateral clubfoot in 2009 at a big government hospital in Kayunga district
The doctors tried to correct the deformity but all efforts failed
Joyce, Viola’s grandmother Joyce did not give up hope. She removed the casts, continued rubbing traditional herbs and warm water on the feet. After three and a half months, the left foot was able to correct but the right did not
In the picture, social worker Agnes Nabawanuka (red t-shirt) is explaining to Viola’s auntie Beth and Grandma Joyce on CoRSU services. Agnes also explains to them what procedures will be performed to correct Viola’s foot.


The difference you can make

Not so long ago, Joyce heard of a boy from a neighbouring village who had surgery that cured him of his disability. The boy had gone to the CBM-funded CoRSU hospital in Kampala, Uganda’s capital.

Although excited at this chance to change their lives, for Joyce and Viola, it’s a 200-kilometre journey to the city. With the recent harvest season having been so poor, they had nothing to sell to pay for the transport.

Your support today could remove the worry for grandmothers like Joyce and get more grandchildren like Viola the care they desperately need.

A gift from you can help fund an Outreach Clinic to visit remote villages like Joyce and Viola's. It can provide surgery to children with clubfoot and support their travel to get this essential treatment.

Will you help children like Viola to live without pain?

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