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Localisation and Partnership

Discover why localisation and authentic partnership with Organisation of People with Disabilities are foundational to CBM.

Keith, wearing a Kenya Red Cross Jacket walks next to Sofia at her farm.

Rebalancing Power 

CBM is committed to ensuring the strong representation of people with disabilities and voices from the Global South at all levels.

Positive long-term change is best driven by the individuals and communities most affected by that change. In CBM UK’s case, this means change driven by people with disabilities and our community-based partners in lower-income countries. To enable this change, we need to address deep-rooted inequality and injustice and listen to partners with lived experience who can guide and develop locally-led solutions that are best suited to their own context and situation.

This is why we advocate to shift greater decision-making power towards local actors and communities.

Keeping in line with our Partnership Principles, we aim to support and amplify the voices of people with disabilities locally and globally, not speaking for them but in line with the principle “nothing about us without us”.

Actions for Change

Actions for Change is an exciting new partner-led programme, working in four countries with four new partners. The three-year programme started in 2023, testing new ways of shifting resources and decision-making power to our partners.

A woman, wearing black and white clothes stands in front of a building.

Watch Ronald Kasule from Uganda Disabled Union explain why reasonable accommodation matters