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In Malawi, Dani was faced with the heartbreaking reality of losing his eyesight, forcing him to give up his life’s work as a farmer. Stripped of his only source of income, Dani’s hopes for the future began to fade. However, thanks to our supporters, Dani received sight-saving surgery so he can continue farming.

Dani smiles at the camera and holds a spade over his shoulder.

Dani, a 71-year-old farmer living in one of Malawi’s poorest communities, was always an energetic and cheerful soul who was happiest when tending the fields on his farm. But as his eyesight started to deteriorate, it was impossible for him to keep working. Once full of life, Dani’s spark dimmed, and he was desperately seeking help to survive.

“I had been cutting some trees to make farmland, but I was so worried I couldn’t concentrate on the work. So I stopped.”

Just like Dani, thousands of people living in poverty are forced to give up their livelihoods because they can’t access the right treatment for their vision problems. However, thanks to our supporters, people like Dani can regain their sight and reclaim their independence.

How we helped

Each year, thanks to our dedicated supporters, outreach teams from CBM UK’s partner hospital, Nkhoma Mission Hospital travel across Malawi, running eyecamps to diagnose and treat cataracts.

Dani, stood in a room with lots of other people, has his eye examined.

Dani was able to get to one of the eye camps, and was granted the lifeline he so desperately needed to save his eyesight and continue building his livelihood.

“I felt excited and willing to go to the hospital. It’s been my desire to see again. When I got into the operating theatre, it was as if I’d already been healed. What I’d been longing for had happened.”

In the midst of his adversity, Dani found inspiration in the Bible story of the blind man at Jericho, drawing courage from its message of faith and resilience.

“With courage, Bartimaeus got his eyesight back. And with courage and treatment, I’ll get my eyesight back as well. I’ll be celebrating and sharing the experience with my sons.”

Dani with a patch over his right eye following cataract surgery.

When the bandages were removed from Dani’s eye, a wide smile stretched across his face as his life was filled once again with light and hope.

Returning home, he was greeted by the beautiful hills he had not seen in so long.

“I was not able to see those hills; now I can see them clearly… I didn’t even see the farms on those hills. I am very thankful to God that I was able to benefit from this and I pray others are able to continue to benefit from this as I have. I was worried but now I am free.”

Dani and his wife are looking at one another and laughing.

How you can help

Together, we can continue to help people like Dani living needlessly blind regain their vision and reclaim their independence.

All photos: ©CBM UK/Daniel Hayduk

Dani, with his back to the camera, has his eyes examined by Precious who is holding up an eye chart.