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Three years ago, Dorothy lost her vision, making her life in Malawi even more challenging. She deeply missed watching her grandchildren grow, and she became heavily dependent on her children. However, thanks to our cataract camps, Dorothy was able to regain her eyesight and see her family again.

Dorothy smiles and holds her hands in the air.

Living in Malawi, 71-year-old grandmother, Dorothy had always taken pride in her independence. She cherished the moments taking care of her grandchildren and running her small fruit and vegetable stall from her veranda.

However, three years ago, Dorothy’s eyesight began to quickly deteriorate, and her family noticed something cloudy start to cover her eyes. Dorothy feared there was no way out of this devastating situation as she eventually became unable to do anything on her own. Her fear of having to rely on her children became a reality.

“It’s painful to me because I feel like a burden. It was one of my greatest fears, and now it’s come true.”

Dorothy, wearing red and white, stands outside of her house holding a bowl.

Without answers, Dorothy was living with no hope for the future. This is an all too familiar story in Malawi, where many people are forced to rely on family members to help them survive. With your help, we can make a difference.

How we helped

Dorothy’s journey to sight began when she heard about the cataract team at Nkhoma Mission Hospital, one of CBM UK’s local partners. Within hours of arriving at the hospital, Dorothy had been screened and operated on, and waited in the ward anticipating her bandages being removed.

“God is always there and he is able to do wonders in my life. I’m excited. No worries. No fear. I am just excited to see what will happen.”

As Dorothy’s bandages were lifted, brightness returned to her world, and she was able to navigate through the crowded room completely unaided. In just 40 minutes, her transformation from blindness to sight was a success, made possible by our amazing partner hospital and our incredible supporters.

Dorothy's daughter Evelyn rests on her shoulder. They both smile at the camera.

That same afternoon, Dorothy was back home sitting on her veranda. A steady stream of visitors came to celebrate with her.

“People are coming by to see how my vision has been restored and the grandchildren can’t believe it. I feel like I’ve been given another life! I may be ageing, but with my sight back I can live a normal life despite being old.”

Dorothy’s cataract treatment has transformed her life, restoring her independence and confidence. Now, she’s filled with happiness seeing her grandchildren once more, and she no longer feels like a burden.

Without you, Dorothy and many others in similar circumstances would still be unable to see their families, earn a living, or live independently. Together, we can help other people like Dorothy who are living needlessly blind.

Opthalmologist Dr Vincent wearing a green polo shirt, removes Dorothy's bandages following cataract surgery.

How you can help

With your support, we can help many more people like Dorothy regain their sight and independence.

All photos: ©CBM UK/Daniel Hayduk

Dorothy, wearing yellow sits waiting at the cataract outreach camp. Next to her sit other women.