#EyeHealthHeroes – World Health Day

Posted on: Tuesday, 2nd April, 2019

This World Health Day, we are celebrating some of our #EyeHealthHeroes who are on the frontline of preventing avoidable blindness in the world’s poorest communities.

Jado – Ophthalmic Clinical Officer


Meet Jean de Dieu Karangwa, Jado to his friends, who works at our partner Kabgayi Eye Unit in Rwanda. He says: “Every day I see patients with cataracts. Without intervention they go blind. They couldn’t work and get into poverty. It’s an avoidable blindness. After surgery when I see them I feel very happy because they can see and I feel somehow encouraged with my every day work. It’s like a miracle!”.

Sarah – Ophthalmic Clinical Officer


Meet Sarah, who helps deliver eye health services to people living far from the nearest eye hospital, through an outreach clinic run by Kabgayi Eye Unit. She says, “I like outreach because we meet many patients. We can help them here, near where they live.”

Isaie – Low Vision Specialist Nurse


Meet Isaie, who works with people with low vision, helping them reach their potential at home, school and work: “With magnifiers and spectacles they can continue their activities, the students can continue their studies… I am happy because I help people to live with a good life”.

Eugenia – Nurse


Meet Eugenia, a nurse at our partner Kabgayi Eye Unit in Rwanda, who witnesses the joy of many patients’ families after they have had their sight restored.

Tito– Optical Technician


Meet Tito, from our partner hospital Kabgayi Eye Unit in Rwanda. He says thanks to God that he is able to help people to get glasses, so they can see again and can read books and their bible.

Beatrice – Optometrist


Meet Beatrice who works with people with low vision in Rwanda, providing glasses and support. She says, “I love my job here and when I give some glasses or other magnifier to help them they are very happy. They can go to school and have a good job. Their life will be better.”

Aloys – Ophthalmic Clinical Officer


Meet Aloys, who works at Kigeme District Hospital in southern Rwanda. Aloys sees what a huge difference eye health services make in people’s lives and hopes to see more services like sight-restoring cataract surgery available at District hospitals.

These are some of the committed health workers providing vital eye health services through our partner, Kabgayi Eye Unit, in Rwanda. However, many people are still unable to access these services because they live in remote, rural communities, far from Kabgayi hospital, and cannot afford the bus fare to hospital.

Together we can change that.

UK Aid Match logoUntil 14th May, all donations to our See the Way appeal will be doubled by the UK government. So your gift could help twice the number of people to See the Way to a brighter future. Match funding from the UK government will enable us to provide eye health services in four hospitals in Rwanda’s four rural provinces, bringing eye health services closer to the community and the many people who are living needlessly blind.

Find out more at www.SeeTheWay.org


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