Join me to witness Desire's amazing journey to sight

Desire's dream for sight
Rosi Jack.
Author:Rosi Jack
Posted on: Thursday, 13th September, 2018
Preparing for a life-changing journey

This weekend, I will be travelling to Cameroon, West Africa to be part of something truly amazing – and I hope you will join me.

Working in the Communications Team at CBM UK means I’m regularly involved in sharing the stories of people whose lives have been changed through sight-restoring cataract operations. But I’ve never had the chance to witness this for myself… until now. Desire, a young man from rural Cameroon, has invited us to join him and his family during a critical week in his life - as he prepares for cataract surgery at our partner hospital on 19th September.

Desire has struggling to see for nearly 20 years. But next week he could finally have his vision restored – and it wouldn’t be happening without the generosity of people like you. We want you to see the life-changing impact interventions like cataract surgery can have on a whole family, so during my week with Desire and his family, I’ll be sharing daily updates, photos and video so you can continue to be part of this life-changing week.

Struggling to support his family

Desire is a devoted Dad of four who lives with his fiancée, children and widowed mother. His dream is to build a secure future for his family. But cataracts have left him almost completely blind – and make it desperately hard for him to build a secure future for his family.

First he left school early, struggling to keep up as seeing to to read or write was a struggle. He began training as a carpenter but had to stop as his vision was too poor. Now, he works hard as a small farmer alongside his wife and mother, but he finds it hard to see his crops or do many jobs on the land. And he can no longer read his precious Bible, but has to rely on others to read God’s Word to him.

Decades of needless suffering

And the really shocking thing is that all of this could easily have been avoided. Desire’s condition could have been treated with straightforwad surgery at any time. But the family couldn’t afford to pay for sight-restoring surgery – until now, when community outreach workers from our partner hospital visited him and opened the door, finally, to treatment.

So next week promises to be a truly momentous time for Desire’s family and I feel hugely privileged to me to have the chance to be with them for it. I hope that you will join me, by following Desire’s journey next week and sharing your prayers and messages with him and his family.

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