Kirsty Smith: inspiring people to be part of CBM's global mission [21 Stories]

Kirsty Smith.
Author:Kirsty Smith
Posted on: Thursday, 11th May, 2017

Kirsty Smith, CEO of CBM UK on twenty-one years of transforming the lives of people with disabilities and CBM's ongoing determination to challenge injustice. 

Kirsty Smith, CBM UK CEO

“21 years ago, CBM UK was set up to inspire people in the UK to be part of CBM’s global mission: to transform the lives of people with disabilities in the world’s poorest places.

Since 1996, many things have changed both in this country and overseas. Working with our local partners and community members, CBM has developed the way we work and is now at the cutting edge of new research, of preventing and fighting blindness and other diseases in innovative and creative ways. The lives of tens of thousands of adults and children have been transformed through restored sight or mobility, dignity and hope.

For everything that has changed, there are many more things that sadly haven’t.

People living with disabilities are still being left behind; despite the great strides forward we have taken to combat isolation and poverty.

People are still losing their sight through conditions that could have been cured or prevented, going without vital treatment and facing prejudice and stigma. Disabled people are being denied their rights. They are excluded from services accessible to other people such as education or health care, and being denied opportunity for a fairer future.

However, one thing which has also not changed is CBM’s determination to challenge injustice. Like Ernst Christoffel, who founded CBM’s global effort, we are driven by a desire to share the love of Jesus with people who have been marginalised and forgotten.

The stories in this booklet are only made possible because of your prayers, gifts, words of encouragement and the actions you have taken to challenge injustice and bring about lasting positive change.”

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