The Moore family: making a lasting difference [21 Stories]

Author:CBM UK
Posted on: Thursday, 11th May, 2017

Jimmy Moore belongs to a family who has given tirelessly to support CBM programmes. Recently, his father left a gift in his Will to the work of CBM UK. Jimmy speaks about his father’s legacy:

The Moore family have given tirelessly to support CBM programmes.

“My father wanted his legacy to be used where the need was greatest. His motivation was a realisation that he had been very blessed and he wanted to contribute to those who have a lot less. He had a very strong Christian faith which was the bedrock to that motivation.

My wife Shirley and I have a heart for those in need, and combining that with the inspirational work of CBM is a great fit. We visited Tanzania in 2015 to see the work. It was inspiring to see a 2-year-old child with bi-lateral cataracts having sight-saving surgery.

Seeing women who had been stigmatised because of fistula having their lives and dignity being restored had a huge effect on us.

We are very happy to use our time, energy, skills and gifting in helping CBM to continue its development and presence. I would encourage others to consider leaving a gift to CBM in their Will. It is a significant way of making a lasting difference.”

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