Benita smiling after surgery for cataracts.

CBM in action

Introducing some examples of CBM's work around the world. 


  • Regina Lagton, who has a physical disability, and her two children outside their home.

    Zimbabwe food crisis - supporting people with disabilities

    Providing food, livestock & access to water for people with disabilities during Zimbabawe’s worst drought in decades.

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  • Benita smiling after surgery for cataracts.

    Combatting blindness in Peru

    In Peru, over 40% of the population live in poverty. Cataract is the leading cause of avoidable blindness…

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  • Building livelihoods through organic farming

    Many people with disabilities and their families in India struggle to earn a living. This life-changing programme…

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  • Ebola – life-saving information for people with disabilities

    The deadly outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa left over 10,000 people dead. In Sierra Leone, the…

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  • Emergency response: Nepal earthquake

    On 25th April 2015, a devastating earthquake hit Nepal, leaving over 8,000 dead and many thousands more injured or…

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  • Glaucoma treatment trial

    Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness worldwide. Without effective treatment, it leads to permanent…

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  • Helping people with disabilities claim their rights

    In Malawi, we have been helping people with disabilities to claim their rights, challenge prejudice and be active in…

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  • Improving access to cataract surgery in Ivory Coast

    Cataracts cause about half of all blindness. They can be easily treated, but for most people in Ivory Coast the…

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  • Including older and disabled people in emergency response

    People with disabilities often find it difficult to access help at times of emergency, such as floods, earthquakes or…

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  • Preventing blindness in Northern Zimbabwe

    An estimated 60,000 people are in need of sight-restoring cataract surgery in Manicaland and Mashonaland West…

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  • Rebuilding after ebola – Improving community mental health

    We have been working in Sierra Leone for several years to improve treatment for mental health conditions…

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  • Restoring hope and dignity – treating obstetric fistula

    Many women in Tanzania live with obstetric fistula for decades, often rejected by their husbands and communities and…

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  • Restoring Sight, Transforming Lives

    4.3 million people in the Philippines live with visual impairment. We’re working with our partners to prevent…

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  • Elysee with her grandmother Genevieve after cataract operation.

    Saving sight in remote communities

    An estimated 1.2% of the population of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are blind. Many people have no access to…

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  • Supporting children with HIV and disabilities

    Over 180,000 children in Zimbabwe live with HIV. While survival rates are improving, many develop disabilities…

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