Worship resources for your Church or Church group to hold your own Christian Blind Mission Sunday to raise money people with disabilities

Order your free resources for An Eye-Opening Sunday

Our free ‘eye-opening Sunday’ worship resources will help your church to learn more about the people supported by Christian Blind Mission, and be inspired to pray and give to help children with sight problems in the world’s poorest places.

If you struggle to see life can be incredibly difficult. And it’s especially tough if you’re a child. But the good news is that a simple operation can transform the lives of children with poor vision. With your support, Christian Blind Mission can provide eye tests, glasses and training to enable teachers and health workers to better help children with sight problems.

These resources are designed to be flexible so you can include Christian Blind Mission in your worship and activities in a way that suits you and your church. However you get involved, we hope that your church will choose to learn more and feel moved to take action, to hold a collection, make a donation, or undertake some fundraising activities to transform lives.

  • Church leader’s guide - with ideas and tips for planning your eye-opening Sunday
  • Worship resources - prayers, bible readings, sermon ideas and more to help you include CBM in your worship
  • Children’s activities - an all-age presentation idea and a printable activity sheet for kids
  • Fundraising ideas - great suggestions for raising funds to help children with low vision in the world’s poorest places
  • An inspiring film introducing 11-year-old Joy and other children with low vision, to show how your help can change lives. If you need an offline copy, you can download an mp4 video file here (opens in a new window - click on the downwards arrow at bottom right of the window to start the download. Please note this is a large file - 325 mb).
  • A PowerPoint presentation that you can adapt and use. 
  • Photo gallery - Download pictures to use in your service, talk or newsletter.
  • Donation and response form - please send this back to us, with your donation, after your event.

To order your printed resources such as gift envelopes, prayer bookmarks for members of your congregation, or A3 posters, please call CBM on 01223 484700 or complete the form.

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  • Order one for everyone who will be at your service

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