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Four children sitting behind a desk. A teacher is stood behind them, leaning over to look at a workbook.

Every girl, everywhere text.

Too many girls with disabilities are missing out on an education. Help us change that.

Every Girl, Everywhere

Millions of children with disabilities are missing out on school today, and most of them are girls.

Our Every Girl, Everywhere campaign aims to create lasting change for girls with disabilities through the power of education.

From accessible schools to teacher training and mobility aids like crutches, your gift will help get girls into the classroom and start building their future.

Join us today and invest in girls’ education.

A girl with disabilities in a classroom

She’s educated. She’s empowered. She’s included.

Every girl dreams of a bright future, and education is the key to unlocking it. But so many girls with disabilities, like Tinotenda from Zimbabwe, can face many barriers to accessing an education.

It can be as simple as providing a girl like Tinotenda with a pair of glasses so she can read and write.

Educated girls become empowered young women, who can shape the course of their lives, their communities, and entire nations. Educated girls can change the world.

A little girl in school uniform smiles. She has a bubble bottle in her hands.

Bright futures start at school

Together, let’s make sure that every girl, everywhere can go to school, dream of her own bright future, and flourish. Because every girl, everywhere matters.

Isabelle embraces another girl.
Tinotenda sits at a table with a pen in her hand. There are other students sat in the background.

Being disabled does not mean unable, we are able, we can be able. Involve us.

Tinotenda, aged 10, Zimbabwe.
Students sitting in a classroom behind desks.

Every girl, everywhere text.

Join us today and invest in girls’ education.