mudslide in Freetown

Photo by Phileas Jusu, UMNS

10,000 people are in need of urgent support following the recent mudslides in Sierra Leone, West Africa.  

In Freetown, the country's capital, part of the Sugar Loaf Mountain collapsed, burying dozens of homes under mud. Flooding began during the night, leaving people with little or no warning as flood waters and mud swept into the streets.

Rescue operations are underway, but Freetown is already struggling to cope with the scope of the damage and loss of life which is expected to rise over the coming days.

When disaster strikes, people with disabilities are always among the most vulnerable. CBM’s partners are on the ground providing emergency supplies and support to people with disabilities and their families living in the hardest hit communities.

People need food, blankets, medical supplies and help to prevent diseases spreading.

People crowd outside the Connaught Hospital mortuary

A crowd gathers at the main Freetown government Connaught Hospital Mortuary, where people wait for the chance to identify relatives. Photo by Phileas Jusu, UMNS. 

Costs listed are based on responses to previous emergencies. Your donation will help us to provide urgent support needed by people in Sierra Leone affected by the flooding. In the event of excess funds, we’ll make sure your gift goes to help people living with disability struggling in poverty and emergency situations or where the need is greatest.

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