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Actor David Suchet supports “Colours of Christmas” campaign

Posted on: Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Actor David Suchet has added his voice to CBM’s Christmas campaign to restore sight and bring colour to children living with blindness in the world’s poorest places. Best known for his role as Agatha Christie’s detective, Hercule Poirot, as well as recent TV roles such as in the BBC drama “Press”, has spoken out about his support for the campaign. David says:

 “It’s hard to imagine Christmas without colour, particularly for a child. As a grandfather, I love to see my grandchildren enjoying the bright colours Actor David Suchet headshotof the tinsel, the sparkling lights, colourful wrapping paper – all part of the joyous celebration of Christ’s birth. So, it’s a tragedy that there are children needlessly living in a world without colour or light, unable to see the faces of family and friends – simply because they live in poverty and can’t access a straightforward operation to restore their sight.

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide and for us in the UK, cataract surgery is almost a matter of routine – most of us will know somebody who has had it.But for many people, both adults and children, living in the poorest parts of the world, this sight-restoring operation is tragically out of reach.

That’s why I am proud to be supporting Christian Blind Mission with their campaign to improve access to cataract surgery in the world’s poorest places, so children can see and enjoy the colours of Christmas. I hope you will join me and help give the precious gift of sight.”

CBM’s Colours of Christmas campaign features five-year-old Sesan from Nigeria, West Africa, who started losing his sight to cataracts at just two years old. Sesan’s family, like so many others living in poverty, could not afford the operation to restore their son’s sight.

The challenges of being blind Colours of Christmas transcript (open link in new tab)

Support the “Colours of Christmas” campaign here (open link in new tab).