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CBM makes 23 Commitments at the Global Disability Summit

Posted on: Thursday, February 3rd, 2022

CBM UK was delighted to play an integral role in the first Global Disability Summit (GDS) hosted in the UK in 2018. The second summit hosted by the Governments of Norway and Ghana, takes place online this month (16-17 February).

To encourage accountability, every participant and stakeholder have been asked to consider making commitments, suggested by the GDS or identified themselves, which they are willing to be monitored on in the coming years. CBM Global has registered 23 commitments, which you can read here (open link in new tab), and CBM UK is delighted to support each of these as part of the federation approach to a more inclusive world.

Core to the CBM commitments is the desire for meaningful engagement and long-term sustainable funding partnerships with Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs), who will actively shape the development of the projects we support. By aligning with these commitments, the ambition for CBM UK is to seek to always ensure that people with disabilities and OPDs are at the forefront of decision making on and implementation of all CBM programmes and initiatives.

The GDS will bring together OPDs, Governments, Agencies and Civil Society to acknowledge the successful accomplishment of some of the previous commitments from the first summit (click here to see what changes have been implemented (open link in new tab)), driving many organisations to strengthen disability inclusion, whilst encouraging each other to keep up the momentum needed to advance the implementation of the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and build back better after the Covid-19 crisis. CBM will continue to work alongside our OPD partners to challenge stigma and overcome the many barriers faced by people with disabilities living in poor communities so that they and their families can participate in all of life’s opportunities.

Find out more about CBM Global’s involvement at the Global Disability Summit (open link in new tab).

Image: Muchineripi is part of a savings group set up by CBM and our partner in Zimbabwe, following the food crisis in 2019. ©CBM/Hayduk