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CBM UK visits CoRSU Hospital in Uganda

Posted on: Wednesday, July 12th, 2023

Last month, CBM UK’s CEO, Kirsty Smith and Senior Programme Officer, Theresa Baird visited Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services of Uganda (CoRSU) hospital to witness first-hand the difference this project is making to hundreds of children living with disabilities in Uganda, thanks to our supporters.  

CoRSU is a specialist hospital established with CBM’s support in 2006. It provides affordable and quality healthcare services for people with disabilities in Uganda. 80% of its patients are children with conditions such as osteomyelitis, clubfoot, cerebral palsy, cleft lip and palate, or who sustain injuries like burns or fractures.

CBM UK’s three-year project at CoRSU, funded by our supporters, is working to provide life-changing treatment and rehabilitation for more than 110 children with disabilities, support outreach clinics to make services more accessible to patients and equip the hospital with medical equipment so they can continue to meet the needs of the high number of patients requiring services.

Theresa Baird said: “My visit to CoRSU Hospital in Uganda was a heart-warming experience, especially witnessing the positive impact that our supporters are having on the lives of children living with disabilities in Uganda, not only through providing surgery and rehabilitation for these children but witnessing them enjoying their new play equipment and activities at the hospital, which are truly transforming the healing process. Seeing their faces light up as they engage in play and interactive therapies is truly remarkable. CBM supporters have played a pivotal role in creating an inclusive and supportive environment for these children. Thank you.”

Theresa who is wearing a red CBM t-shirt is holding a CBM leaflet outside CorSU hospital.

Playtime at CoRSU

Kirsty and Theresa had the pleasure of taking part in some of the wonderful activities for the children, who often have to travel long distances or stay for weeks or months during treatment at CoRSU. Some of the activities include: an outdoor playground, face painting, inclusive sports activities, music therapy, art and crafts, life skills training, dance and drama.

Theresa has got her back to the camera, wearing a CBM t-shirt in red. She is looking at two unknown patients from the hospital sitting on a brightly coloured play equipment.

Children at CoRSU are enjoying a colourful new playground which is supporting rehabilitation for children undergoing treatment and providing an inclusive environment at the hospital.

Brass band parade through streets. A unknown girl is leading the band, she is using crutches.

CoRSU hold regular music sessions run by Brass for Africa, who provide uplifting music therapy for children and their families.

Abdul is wearing a plastercast and using a sling for his arm.

Abdu is one of the patients who has benefited from our project at CoRSU this year. Abdu developed osteomyelitis in his right arm after a fall at his school. Abdu’s family, who survive on just one meal a day, couldn’t afford treatment at the hospital. Instead, they sought help at a local traditional bone-setter.

Abdu’s mother said, “Abdu was in pain, the more we visited the bone-setter, she rubbed local herbs around the arm, pressed it but it continued swelling.”

After a month-long trial, nothing was working. Then Abdu’s mother met a patient at CoRSU hospital, CBM’s long-term partner, who advised her to take him along.

Abdu has now had surgery at CoRSU hospital and is looking forward to going back to school, thanks to our generous supporters.

Read more about our work at CoRSU here.

Top image: L-R: Gerard Barungi (Head of Programmes and Partnerships), Dr Andrew Muleledhu (CEO), Richard Nabigunda (Programme Coordinator), Kirsty Smith (CEO), Theresa Baird (CBM UK Senior Programme Officer)