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CBM wins prestigious Duty of Care Award

Posted on: Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

In May 2018, CBM won the International SOS Foundation Duty of Care Award in Chicago, USA. The awards recognise outstanding achievements in meeting high standards of health, safety and security at work. It honours organisations and individuals who have made a significant contribution to protecting their staff as they travel and work overseas.

After being ‘highly commended’ for our innovative work, at the 2016 Awards, we are now especially proud to have won the prestigious Duty of Care Award 2018 in the ‘Thought Leadership’ category.

This award recognises new and novel approaches to identifying, managing and mitigating risk by shining a light on best practices to raise standards in Duty of Care. Out of ten shortlisted finalists, CBM received this prestigious recognition thanks to our thought leadership in disability inclusive safety and security.

The judges of the Duty of Care Awards 2018 said:

“CBM has set the bar and the standard. This research and then practical application has changed the entire Modus Operandi for this organization, how it recruits, how it operates and how it deploys in a fully inclusive way. The engagement, constant engagement, with stakeholders throughout the process and the agile iterative developments they have added to the programme is fantastic. The leadership, uncompromising in its direction, is superb. The quality of the work completed is seen by the organizations that now want to learn from CBM. Well done CBM”.

This award is special recognition of our relentless work to implement a robust health, safety and security policy throughout the organisation that is disability inclusive. In addition we have opened up our training, and now freely share our written security materials, security standards at partner level. This is especially relevant to the safeguarding of staff that travel in high and extreme risk areas, enabling programme continuity and our support to reach people with disabilities living in isolated areas.

Winning this award makes our resolve for a disability inclusive safety and security approach even stronger and we hope to see it being implemented by other global organisations as well.

Rainer Brockhaus, CBM International Leadership Team Chair, says:

“CBM strongly emphasizes the importance of Duty of Care towards staff across the CBM Federation. CBM accepts the legal and moral duty to provide high-level standards of health, safety and security for all our employees – at any location globally and at any point in time. Implementing Duty of Care enables CBM programmes to have a continuous and meaningful impact for beneficiaries who often live in areas with an elevated security risk. The 2018 Duty of Care Award is an excellent recognition of CBM’s efforts and dedication to ensure safety and well-being of our staff”.

Image: CBM wins the Thought Leadership Award at the SOS Duty of Care Awards 2018 © SOS International.