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CoRSU Hospital appeal exceeds target

Posted on: Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

Generous supporters have donated over £40,000 to help provide life-changing treatments for children with conditions like bow legs and clubfoot. The incredible response to our appeal earlier this year for CoRSU Hospital in Uganda exceeded its fundraising target, ensuring that we will be able to continue supporting life-changing treatment and rehabilitation for more children.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services of Uganda (CoRSU) is a specialist hospital established with CBM’s support in 2006. It provides affordable and quality healthcare services for people with disabilities in Uganda. 80% of children with disabilities living in Uganda have treatable conditions, with no access to help. Now at CoRSU, hundreds of children are treated each year for conditions like bow leg and clubfoot, utterly transforming the lives of whole families.

Makoma’s life-changing treatment

Makoma used to stand by the road watching other children go off to school without him. But now, after treatment for bow legs at CORSU, he can walk without pain and join in with other children. Before, his Sumayiya felt his world was shrinking.  But after treatment, she can see opportunities – education, play, a hopeful future – opening up.

In the hospital, Nurse Florence has his arms around Makoma’s shoulders, guiding him to use crutches that rest under his arms, his leg in a plaster cast.

Makoma’s treatment has involved surgery and rehabilitation over several months, as for many children treated at CoRSU.

Makoma smiles, standing straight without using the crutches he holds at his side, outside the hospital building with his mother who holds her baby in blankets

Makoma and Sumayiya recently returned to CoRSU for physiotherapy. Makoma wasn’t using his crutches – he was carrying them.

Now, his Mother’s biggest wish is for him to “study and also fit in this community as a valued member.”

“I did not know that there are people in this world that can help you without wanting anything in return,” she adds.

When asked about his favourite moment at CoRSU Hospital, Makoma hugs the teddy bear he has been given for his bravery and says, “I love my bear!”