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Incredible snapshots of humanitarian workers during COVID-19

Posted on: Thursday, August 19th, 2021

Today is World Humanitarian Day and in this photo blog we’re celebrating some of the incredible humanitarian workers around the world who have been risking their lives to protect those most at-risk during the Coronavirus pandemic. People with disabilities have been among those most affected by the pandemic – but we also recognise today the vital role that many people with disabilities and Disabled People’s Organisations have played in responding to it.

On days like today, and always, we give thanks for the hard work and dedication of all humanitarians workers, overcoming unprecedented hurdles to help others in need.


Elderly lady in a wheelchair wearing a face mask and talking to a man wearing a face mask

Occupational Therapist, Ariful, visits people living with disabilities to provide support and information about COVID-19.

 A member of a local Disaster Management Committee, trained by CBM DPO partner Centre for Disability in Development (CDD), raise awareness about COVID-19 and conduct disinfection activities in Savar Municipality.

Man in PPE spraying disinfectant on market stalls

A member of a local Disaster Management Committee, trained by CBM DPO partner CDD, conducts disinfection activities in Savar Municipality.

Man holding a walking stick sitting down and being shown how to wash hands effectively by a woman wearing PPE

Psychosocial counsellor, Fahmida, explains the importance of hand-washing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Democratic Republic of Congo

Woman wearing a face mask and CBM t-shirt handing food parcels to a boy with a white cane

Nene is Head of Low Vision Services for CBM DPO partner RAC – here she gives food packages to 12-year-old Hugo who is blind.

A group of people wearing face masks and all placing a hand on a piece of concrete in front of a CBM sign

Official launch of water well drilling work, to provide clean water at the Centre for the Blind in Kinshasa.

Three male volunteers wearing face masks and moving big bags of food

Volunteers at CBM’s DPO partner RAC prepare food parcels for distribution to people in need.


A man wearing  face mask hands a man with a walking stick emergency aid parcels, in a field in Ethiopia with lots of other community members standing nearby

Hagos, a member of CBM’s DPO partner Ethiopian Centre for Disability and Development (ECDD), hands out food parcels to people with disabilities.

Two women wearing face masks and CBM t-shirts are counting out bottles of water and hand sanitiser

Project staff at CBM’s partner Cheshire Foundation Action for Inclusion prepare sanitation and hygiene materials for distribution in communities.

Man with a physical disability on a tricycle being handed food parcels by staff wearing face masks

Food and sanitary items being distributed to people in the Amhara region, by staff at CBM’s DPO partner ECDD.


Five female volunteers standing in matching grey dresses and face masks, in front of a sign saying Rompiendo Limites.

Staff from CBM’s DPO partner ASORO at the end of a day delivering emergency aid parcels in Chiquimula.

A young girl on crutches being given emergency relief items by a man wearing PPE

Roxlin, a young woman with spina bifida, receives an emergency aid parcel containing sanitary pads and hygiene items to protect against COVID-19 – from CBM’s DPO partner ASORO.


Four men offloading emergency aid parcel from a boat on the shore

Staff at CBM’s partner Sundarban Social Development Centre (SSDC) bring COVID-19 relief parcels by boat, to Patharpratima West Bengal, to reach remote communities in need.

Humanitarian workers sat on the floor packaging potatoes into bags, wearing PPE

Two women wearing PPE, sat measuring out food into individual emergency relief parcels.

Volunteers at CBM’s partner SSDC packaging food to distribute to communities in West Bengal, including people with disabilities.

Humanitarian workers sitting in PPE in an open tuk tuk, driving along the road

Volunteers at CBM’s partner SSDC travelling by van to reach remote communities.


A male volunteer wearing PPE walks along a line of people sat on the floor, giving them water whilst they wait to be seen.

A volunteer from CBM’s DPO partner the National Federation of the Disabled Nepal (NFD-N) serves water to people waiting for COVID-19 relief parcels.

Man wearing a face mask and holding up a COVID-19 awareness brochure

Prayask from CBM’s DPO partner NFD-N demonstrates a COVID-19 awareness brochure developed as part of the project.

Two men carrying a huge food parcel between them, to give to a family in need.

Staff from CBM’s DPO partner NFD-N carry COVID-19 food parcels to people in Indrawati Rural Municipality.

Female health worker in PPE handing out hand sanitiser to men in a rural village in Nepal

Health worker, Pratima, demonstrates the step-by-step hand-washing technique to ensure people are protected from COVID-19.


A woman with a walking stick being led across a field by staff wearing PPE and a CBM t-shirt

A community volunteer from CBM’s partner GAMMUN assists an elderly woman to pick up her COVID-19 relief parcel.

Male humanitarian worker delivering food parcels to a man with a physical disability sat on a tricycle in front of his home in rural Nigeria

Male humanitarian worker hands emergency relief parcels to a an elderly women sat outside her home in rural Nigeria

A community volunteer from CBM’s partner GAMMUN delivers COVID-19 relief parcels to the homes of people with disabilities.

The Philippines

Female health worker in PPE pouring water onto a lady's arms and hands

Health worker Elenor demonstrates the proper way to wash hands, to protect against COVID-19 – as part of CBM’s response together with DPO partner Simon of Cyrene Community Rehabilitation and Development Foundation.

Female health worker wearing PPE sitting across a desk from a young boy wearing a face mask and filling out a form

Health worker Elenor helps a young boy to fill out a distribution sheet for cash assistance during COVID-19, as part of the response programme through CBM’s partner Simon of Cyrene.

Group of 16 health workers wearing PPE and posing in front of a sign

Health workers from CBM’s partner Simon of Cyrene have a photo together after completing cash assistance distribution in Jovellar.


L-R: Male humanitarian worker wearing a white CBM t-shirt and holding a walking stick, elderly grandmother, 8-year-old Arthur on his grandmother's lap and female humanitarian worker wearing a red CBM t-shirt. All sat on the floor in front of emergency relief parcels.

8-year old Arthur and his grandmother receive food parcels from staff at CBM’s partner the National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU) in Kampala.

Man standing on top of a truck, throwing a food package to another man standing on the ground

Delivery man, Nicholas (right), helps offload maize flour for distribution to communities during COVID-19, by staff and volunteers at CBM’s partner DPO NUDIPU.

Man in a red t-shirt offloads relief parcels from a small boat on shore.

Samuel from CBM’s partner DPO NUDIPU helps offload food items from a boat, to be distributed to people in need at Buvuma Island.

Man in a red CBM t-shirt hands a man using crutches 2 food parcels.

Umaru (right) receives maize flour and rice as part of CBM and NUDIPU’s COVID-19 response in Uganda.


Female humanitarian worker wearing full PPE handing 3 family members some relief packages, inside their home in Vietnam

Female humanitarian worker offers hand sanitiser to a women inside her home in Vietnam

Ms. Quach Tra My from CBM’s partner Aid for Social Protection Program Foundation Vietnam visits people with disabilities, poor households and the elderly, to provide aid packages during COVID-19, including cooking oil, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, soap, masks, milk and rice.

Image copyright: Bangladesh ©CBM. DRC ©CBM. Ethiopia ©CBM/ECDD. Guatemala ©CBM. India ©CBM/SSDC. Nepal ©CBM. Nigeria ©CBM/GAMMUN. The Philippines ©CBM/SOC/Solano. Uganda ©CBM. Vietnam ©CBM/AFV.