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Kenya drought worsens putting millions at risk of starvation

Posted on: Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

Back-to-back droughts since 2020 have left 3.5 million people facing devastating hunger in Kenya – and the situation continues to worsen.  CBM is working with local partners to support the most vulnerable people.

Communities in parts of Kenya have faced four consecutive failed rainy seasons – a situation not seen in 40 years. Forecasts now indicate that the usual October-December rains this year are also likely to fail.

Families have run out of food supplies and water levels are dwindling. People living with disabilities are amongst the most affected, and a growing number of families are in very real danger of malnutrition.

Kevin Sudi, Humanitarian Co-ordinator for CBM’s team in Kenya, says:

“30 years ago, when I was growing up and living in the plains of central Kenya, this area was one of the greenest parts of the country. Now people here are facing life-threatening drought, caused by climate change. With hardly any rain in recent months, the entire 2022 crop has been lost so far. The farmers I’ve met were mostly unable to sow crops and the few who have saw them fail because of the lack of rain.”

“People with disabilities already tended to be among the poorest in their communities, facing major challenges and exclusion. But this crisis has made things much, much worse, pushing many close to starvation.  To make matters worse, much of the support provided is impossible for people with disabilities to access, for example because distribution points are too far away or vital information is not accessible.”

“In recent months, CBM has been providing a lifeline to people with disabilities and other vulnerable households in Meru and Tharaka North so they don’t go without food, water and medication. These people are currently facing a desperate situation and were getting no support. But with no end in sight to this terrible situation, there is so much more to do.”

In this video, Kevin describes the life threating situation in Kenya, and CBM’s support for the most vulnerable people:

You can also hear from one of CBM UK’s Trustees, Simon Waitaka based in Kenya, who explains the impact of the devastating drought that is affecting his country: 

Your urgent help is needed. Donate now to help the most vulnerable people survive this growing hunger crisis.

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