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Let’s End Disability Stigma: New film for International Day of People with Disabilities

Posted on: Friday, December 2nd, 2022

We are launching a new video for International Day of People with Disabilities on 3rd December, to kick off our campaign: Let’s End Disability Stigma. The short film features people with disabilities and CBM partners around the world talking about their experiences of disability stigma, the impact this has, and the solutions to tackle it.

Watch Let’s End Disability Stigma to find out more about the impact of disability stigma and how we can all play our part in tackling it:

Open the audio described version here [opens in new tab]

View the video transcript here (PDF: 69kb)

Social stigma around disability is one of the biggest barriers to inclusion. Disability stigma negatively impacts the quality of life of people with disabilities, and often prevents them from playing a full role in society. This is a waste of human potential as well as an abuse of people’s human rights.

Stigma reduction must be at the heart of all we do if we are serious about breaking the poverty-disability cycle and achieving inclusive societies. This means:

  • Raising awareness to demystify disability
  • Increasing the visibility of people with disabilities as active members of their community
  • Peer to peer support can counter self-stigma
  • The disability movement can lead the way, turned lived experience into meaningful response

Want to be an advocate alongside people with disabilities around the world?

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