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Trudie Goodwin urges action on Ethiopia food crisis

Posted on: Thursday, February 25th, 2016

“Actress and CBM Champion Trudie Goodwin has highlighted the suffering caused by the Ethiopia drought and called on people to do what they can to help.

“The drought in Ethiopia – its worst in 30 years – has left millions of people in need of food and water. It’s a desperate situation and without help it’s only going to get worse, as crops have failed and livestock are dying. The Ethiopian government is doing its best to provide emergency food and water, but given the scale of the crisis it’s vital that people from around the world do what they can to help. I support overseas disability charity CBM who, with other organisations, are doing vital work to protect the most vulnerable people from starvation, and I’d urge everyone to do what they can today to prevent this desperate situation from turning into a tragedy.”

Trudie Goodwin, best known for her roles as Sergeant June Ackland in the Bill and Georgia Sharma in Emmerdale, has supported CBM for many years since a visit to CBM-supported ECWA eye hospital in Nigeria in 2004. The actress has personal experience of disability, living with hearing loss for many years.

CBM has launched an emergency appeal to provide urgent food, water, seeds and livestock to the most vulnerable families affected by the drought in Ethiopia.”