Actions for Change: Four exciting new partner-led projects begin

People stand with their arms in the air. They are standing in front of a white board with the CBM and NONDO logos on and balloons at the top.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new partner-led programme, Actions for Change! This innovative initiative is set to make a real impact over the next three years, working with four new partners in Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal and Nigeria.

But here’s what makes Actions for Change different – we are trying out new ways of shifting more resources and decision-making power to our partners. Each partner has been identifying priorities for their communities and taking the lead in designing unique projects to address them.

The process began with partners listening and gathering input from their communities – the very people who will participate in these projects. As a result, we have four exciting new projects focussing on very different areas of work in Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal and Nigeria. From healthcare for children with disabilities, to advocating for disability rights and inclusion, each project is tackling the issues that matter most to our partners.

This programme is all about collaborative efforts, inclusivity, and empowering local organisations to create lasting change in their communities and beyond.

Find out about Actions for Change here and stay tuned for the wonderful stories that are sure to emerge from these exciting new projects!

Header image: NONDO celebrate the launch of Actions for Change in Kenya


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