CBM at the NNN: sharing expertise on neglected tropical diseases

Posted on: Tuesday, 17th September, 2019
CBM staff, global advisors and partners at the NNN conference in Liverpool

CBM experts, programme staff and partners from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Niger, United Kingdom and Germany are gathering at the NNN - Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) Non-Governmental Development Organisations (NGDO) Network conference in Liverpool this week to share expertise and latest developments on NTDs. 

NTDs are a diverse group of communicable diseases that prevail in tropical and sub-tropical conditions in 149 countries – affecting more than one billion people (World Health Organisation).  They include diseases that cause avoidable blindness, such as Trachoma and Onchocerciasis (River Blindness), avoidable disability with associated stigma, such as Lymphatic Filariasis (elephantiasis) and avoidable pain and discomfort for children infected by Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia) and Soil Transmitting Helminthes (intestinal worms).

CBM has been working towards elimination of NTDs for over 40 years. We work with donors, local partners, governments and front-line health workers and, together, we are moving ever closer towards elimination, particularly for diseases like trachoma and onchocerciasis. 

Sharing expertise

Conferences like the NNN provide opportunities for learning and sharing. CBM will be helping to deliver at least four workshops at the meeting to share key learning from our work around the world:

1/ Inclusion - Improving the impact of NTD interventions through inclusive, integrated, community approaches to our programmes

2/ Participation - Participation of People Affected by NTDs - Best Practices  

3/ Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)  - From problem to solution - learning to use the WHO WASH NTD Toolkit to find solutions to integrating WASH in NTD programmes and vice versa (with the NNN WASH Working Group)

4/ Reporting from the Field: how programme staff can effectively communicate NTD stories (as part of the ICTC Communication Toolkit Launch)

CBM NTD Report for 2019

CBM launched our annual report on our work to tackle Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) at the NNN conference in Liverpool on Tuesday 17th September 2019. Despite working in areas deeply affected by poverty, conflict and even Ebola (in DRC), CBM helped provide over 60 million treatments last year, with more than 48 million people treated in 9 countries across Africa and Asia. With the start of the new decade, CBM will build on its success and expertise in reducing avoidable blindness, morbidity and stigma caused by NTDs and ensuring everyone affected can access the support and care they need.

Read CBM’s Neglected Tropical Diseases Report for 2019 here.


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