CBM welcomes UK Government commitment to become global leader in disability

Posted on: Tuesday, 6th December, 2016

ecretary of State Priti Patel at the Bond Disability and Development Group’s event at the Houses of Parliament on Monday 5th December.

CBM UK has welcomed the commitments made by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) to become a global leader in disability.

At the Bond Disability and Development Group’s event at the Houses of Parliament on Monday 5th December, Secretary of State Priti Patel outlined her ambitious new plans to establish the UK as the new global leader in disability. This follows on from commitments made in the Bilateral Development Review 2016 published last week. Patel recognised that the current focus on disability was too low and has committed to making disability a “Golden Thread” running through all of the UK’s development work.

Hannah Loryman, CBM UK’s Senior Policy Officer who co-chairs the Bond Disability and Development group said, “The Department for International Development has been making progress on disability inclusion for the last couple of years – but Priti Patel’s speech yesterday marks a huge increase in ambition. DFID showing leadership in this area could have an enormous impact on people with disabilities around the world who have been excluded from development for too long.”

Not only will DFID address disability inclusion within their own work and make it a concurrent theme throughout all of development – but they will also insist that partners do the same.

CBM thanks the new Secretary of State for taking on this important issue and looks forward to working in partnership with DFID to help them meet their new ambition.


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