Celebrating 10 years of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Posted on: Tuesday, 13th December, 2016

Ten years ago today the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was adopted at the United Nations (CRPD).  Ten years on we celebrate progress made since this groundbreaking international agreement, but also look forward to what still needs to be done. 

The adoption of the CRPD marked a historic moment as it was the first international framework designed to promote, prpotect and reinforce the human rights of all people with disabilities. To date it has been ratified by 169 countries and the EU. It plays a critical role in promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities and raising their voices both nationally and globally.

Kirsty Smith, CBM UK’s CEO said:

“The Convention has been a hugely important driving force to improve the inclusion of people with disabilities across the world. But 10 years after the CRPD’s adoption, there are still millions of people with disabilities who are trapped in poverty and excluded from participating in their communities."

As well as celebrating the 10th anniversary of the CRPD, we are also celebrating that implementation of the new Sustainable Development Goals that has begun in 2016.

“The global framework of the SDGs pledges to leave no one behind and makes explicit how people with disabilities should be included, marking 2016 as a critical turning point for disability rights.On the 10th anniversary of the convention we celebrate the progress made to date and focus our efforts on continuing to try to close the gap that still exists, so that all people with disabilities can enjoy their human rights and reach their full potential.”

Despite huge progress in the inclusion of disabilities in the last ten years there are still critical gaps, including in the inclusion of people with disabilities in international development programmes. People with disabilities will not benefit from international development unless they are included from the start and the barriers they face are removed. Empowering people with disabilities to access their rights and actively participate in society will be key to reducing global poverty and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. The UK's recent commitment to become a global leader on disability will be key to meeting their obligations under the convention as well as achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 


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