Disabled people in urgent need after Haiti earthquake

Posted on: Tuesday, 18th October, 2016
Disabled man stands in the wreckage of his home

As Haiti struggles to cope with the mass destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew, CBM’s partners in the country are warning that people with disabilities are among those most affected.

Pierre Renel Moise from Haiti's Office for Integration of People with Disabilities (BSEIPH) in the South Department highlights the suffering of people with disabilities:

“According to our observations, more than 50% of disabled people living on the department are devoid of all basic resources. 90% of disabled people living in the south coast are living in inaccessible temporary shelters. People are affected to the bone and if there is no intervention, the consequences will be painful. The needs are enormous”.

CBM staff in Haiti are working closely with our partners, including BSEIPH, to reach out to people with disabilities and their families and ensure they get the help they need.

Homer stands on crutches surrounded by damaged cropsHomer,  an amputee, is the leader of a Disabled People's Organisation (DPO) and part of a CBM-supported capacity-building project. For several days after Hurricane Matthew, he and his family of 8 survived on fruit fallen from trees. His house near Les Cayes lost its roof and the garden crops, which he depends on for his livelihood, were destroyed.  

“We people with disabilities, we are still more vulnerable than the others at the time of disasters. We need support to cope during these difficult times, and structures so we can continue to live like everyone else".

Speaking to Premier Christian Radio, CBM UK Chief Executive Kirsty Smith urged supporters to pray for disabled people who need urgent help in Haiti, already one of the poorest countries of the world.

“A crisis like this will push families who are deeply vulnerable over the edge." 

Support CBM's emergency appeal in Haiti today.

Main image: Man standing amid the wreckage of his home in Les Cayes. (c) BSEIPH


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