Music to our ears! Supporting children with disabilities to develop key life skills

Posted on: Wednesday, 16th February, 2022
Children at CoRSU walking along in a line, playing musical instruments.

Learning to play music can have a profound impact for children, helping develop key life-skills such as self-confidence, concentration, communication skills and team work. It can also be a lot of fun! Children undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at our partner CoRSU hospital in Uganda recently took part in music therapy sessions run by Brass for Africa.

This was part of a project funded by the National Community Lottery Fund to provide recreational and psychosocial support for children at CoRSU. Many children travel from long distances and are based at the hospital for weeks or months for treatment and rehabilitation. Alongside music therapy, Brass for Africa will also be running sessions on art and crafts, life skills training and dance and drama.

A nurse pushing a girl in a wheelchair, whilst she's playing a musical instrument.

Children walking in a line through a car park, playing musical instruments.

Children at CoRSU sat on the floor outside, playing musical instruments.



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