UK Government commits to putting people with disabilities at heart of overseas aid

Posted on: Friday, 4th December, 2015

"On the 3 December, International Day for People with Disabilities, DFID_Disability_Framework_2015. The updated framework reaffirms DFID’s commitment to delivering inclusive development and sets out how they will put it into action.

CBM welcomes the collaborative approach that DFID has taken in writing this framework – and are pleased to see that many of CBM’s comments on earlier drafts have been taken on board.

Commenting on the revised version of DFID's framework, Kirsty Smith CBM UK’s CEO said, “We welcome the revised framework a year after it was initially released. We are particularly pleased to see that in this document a stronger emphasis on the importance of mental health and overcoming stigma and discrimination. While we recognise that change in these areas will be incremental, we urge DFID to look at concrete actions that can be taken so these areas do not get overlooked.

We also welcome the stronger focus that DFID has placed on ensuring that partners do their part – and particularly the statement that “civil society and private sector partners should outline their approach to disability inclusion as standard in all proposals.” We look forward to seeing how DFID implements this new commitment in practice – and the wider impact that it could have on the work of the international development sector.”

While this framework makes stronger commitments than last year, it still lacks measurable targets on disability which could be used to assess DFID’s progress in this area. We urge DFID to integrate targets on disability inclusion into their wider departmental results framework so that progress can be tracked.”

CBM UK looks forward to continuing to work alongside DFID in the implementation of the framework and its revision in 2018. Read DFID_Disability_Framework_2015 (PDF)"


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