Typhoon Haiyan – Turning planning and assessment into action

November 16, 2013

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The team are now hard at work in Iloilo city turning planning and assessments into action. After several days of assessing the needs of affected communities, we spent today buzzing around headquarters (the office of or partners ADPI) putting our plans into action.

The team are starting to feel tired from several long days in the field, but spirits remain high.  As funds from donations to CBM start to come through, the team have begun focusing its efforts on arranging logistics to ramp up the relief efforts to those most in need.

I observed the team, both ADPI and CBM, working hard to turn the needs assessments into a relief program that will reach the most vulnerable in the communities, especially those people with disability.

The work isn’t easy, there is so much to organise. It seems that supplies in Iloilo city are already running low. There are volunteers to coordinate, food and other goods to procure and packages to assemble.  And it all needs to be done urgently.  ADPI’s dedication to the relief effort is inspiring!

It was with a tinge of sadness that I said farewell to the team today after an action-packed few days.

Saying goodbye, as we separate to do different tasks. Photo : CBM
Saying goodbye, as we separate to do different tasks. Photo : CBM

The CBM team is splitting in two. Willy and I headed back to Manila, while Gilbert and Ira remained in Iloilo city to support ADPI in their emergency relief efforts. One group photo and many farewell hugs later, I realise that the rapid assessment team had only been working together for four days, yet it felt like a lot longer.

Good luck to the team back there in Iloilo!

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