Dani is sat on a hospital bed at nkhoma hospital in Malawi, wearing an eye patch.

“The past year has been a challenge because of my eye problems.”

Dani, 71, was normally energetic and quick to smile but over the past year he had noticed his vision steadily decreasing and he had been consumed by the fear of going blind.

“I had been cutting some trees to make farmland, but I was so worried I couldn’t concentrate on the work. So I stopped,” he said.

Every year, teams from Nkhoma visit district hospitals across Malawi holding cataract camps for patients just like Dani, thanks to CBM UK supporters.

Dani was screened by Ophthalmic Clinical Officer, Precious, who confirmed the diagnosis of a cataract in his right eye, and low vision in his left. 

Precious was glad that Dani had been taking good care of his eyesight: “Both eyes are important, overstaying with a cataract can lead to complications and blindness,” said Precious. 

Dani arrived at the hospital and by midday his right eye had already been operated on. 

“I felt excited and willing to go to the hospital. It’s been my desire to see again. When I got into the operating theatre, it was as if I’d already been healed. What I’d been longing for had happened.”

Dani, who is a Christian, said that he was encouraged by the Bible story of the blind man at Jericho.

“It encourages me. With courage, Bartimaeus got his eyesight back. And with courage and treatment I’ll get my eyesight back as well. I’ll be celebrating and sharing the experience with my sons.”

The following day, Priscilla who is the Clinical Officer at Nkhotakota Hospital peeled back the bandage that covered Dani’s eye. A wide grin spread across his face. “I am so glad this was part of God’s plan,” he exclaimed.

Dani having his eye patch removed by healthcare worker, Precious.   

When Dani arrived home, he paused to look around: “I was not able to see those hills; now I can see them clearly… I didn’t even see the farms on those hills. I am very thankful to God that I was able to benefit from this and I pray others are able to continue to benefit from this as I have. I was worried but now I am free.”

Dani is home, holding a spade on his shoulder, smiling.

In 2020, our generous supporters donated an amazing £1,320,921 towards our See the Way appeal.

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