Christian Blind Mission Sunday 14th October

Could your church celebrate Christian Blind Mission Sunday this 14 October?

Christian Blind Mission Sunday is an uplifting new addition to the Church calendar. Launched last year to link with World Sight Day, it’s already inspiring a growing number of churches to learn, pray and raise funds to give the precious gift of sight to children in the world’s poorest places.

Jesus said, “I am the Light of the World”. He came to “bring good news to the poor… and recovery of sight to the blind.” (Luke 4:18). Then he called his disciples to carry on his work.

Could your church mark Christian Blind Mission Sunday this year, as we seek to follow the mission of Jesus?

Every year, it’s estimated that up to half a million children in developing countries go blind, mostly caused by cataracts. But 80% of all blindness is avoidable.

Children like Mathias are living with the darkness of cataracts yet could be easily treated for as little as £95 per eye.

Christian Blind Mission Sunday is on 14 October 2018 to link with World Sight Day, but you can hold your special service whenever suits you.

This year’s theme is Let there be light! and our free resources include an inspiring presentation, posters, prayer bookmarks, worship ideas connected to the lectionary and fundraising ideas.

Together, we will help your church:

  • Give thanks for God’s wonderful gifts of light and sight in creative ways
  • Celebrate the good news and recovery of sight that Hemedi and others like him have already enjoyed
  • Learn about children like Mathias, still waiting in the dark for a simple operation that is beyond the means of his family
  • Explore again the difference the Light of the World calls us to make to those facing the darkness of poverty, disability and disadvantage
  • Join in with CBM’s mission by praying and holding a collection or fundraising event to help turn the lights back on for more children
Mathias at home, before intervention.

In a village on the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda, Scovia knows the kind of life her 10-year-old grandson Mathias will face if his cataracts can’t be operated on. He currently struggles to read or do chores around the house. But later? His family are already living in poverty. What will happen if he remains in the dark? A straightforward, inexpensive operation is all it would take to transform his life and future, but Mathias’ family simply can’t afford it.  

Hemedi Samakafi (3 years old) was operated in both eyes for congenital cataract. Glasses were issued a few days postoperatively. He was able to see pictures in a book, flowers and his father for the first time in his life.

3-year-old Hemedi was born with cataracts, so light and dark were all he’d ever known. After having his sight restored by cataract surgery funded by supporters of Christian Blind Mission, Hemedi can look forward to a bright future.

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