Improving health

Zawad smiles after clubfoot surgery on hospital bed.

Our impact last year

  • 60k doctors, nurses and other medical professionals trained
  • 27k people treated for mental health conditions
  • 278k wheelchairs, walking frames and other orthopaedic devices were distributed

People in poor communities are much more likely to be disabled than those living in wealthier parts of the world. One of the main reasons is they are at much greater risk of diseases or conditions that can cause disability.

Also, people living with disabilities in developing countries often don’t get the healthcare or medical support they need – such as physiotherapy, a hearing aid, a wheelchair or surgery.

We work in the world’s poorest places to prevent and treat conditions that cause disability, and to enable people with disabilities to access the medical care that they need.

As mental health conditions are among the leading causes of disability and ill-health worldwide, improving access to mental health treatment and support is a key part of this work. Read more about our mental health work.

To read more about our work preventing blindness, visit our Saving Sight page.

How we help

CBM helps to improve health by:

  • Treating diseases, conditions or injuries that could lead to disability;
  • Improving access to mental health services and support;
  • Training specialist doctors, nurses and healthcare workers;
  • Providing rehabilitation and physiotherapy;
  • Helping to equip hospitals and improve healthcare systems;
  • Providing assistive devices such as wheelchairs, crutches or hearing aids.

In action

Community fistula champions standing together.

Preventing fistula and improving maternal health in Nigeria

CBM is working with Survive Fistula Healthcare Foundation and ECWA Vesico Vaginal Fistula Centre to improve access to…

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Hearing technician examines girl's ear

Preventing hearing loss in Zambia

Training and equipping health workers to prevent avoidable hearing loss and improve access to hearing aids and support.

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Little boy, with cleft palate, lying down on a bed with a book

Providing life-changing healthcare and rehabilitation for children with disabilities in Uganda

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services of Uganda (CoRSU) is a specialist hospital established with CBM’s support in 2006.

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Transforming lives

Dorotea from Tanzania sits on a bed after surgery for Fistula. CCBRT.


“I felt [urine] run down my leg. It happened all the time and I couldn’t stop it. I would sit and not move around…

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Joan at CoRSU in Uganda before surgery for Cleft lip and palate.


“I am so proud of her. I couldn’t believe that her lip could be repaired…now she will gain weight.”

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Jemilat, a woman with lived experience of fistula who is now raising awareness in her community – wearing a green t-shirt with ‘End Fistula Now! written on the back.
23rd May 2022

Working together to #EndFistula

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4th Aug 2022

Meet the team at CoRSU

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