Inclusion & rights

Women sitting together at a self-help group for people with disabilities and their family members.

Our impact last year

  • 145k people with disabilities were empowered to have a voice and an influence in their communities
  • 24k government and civil society representatives trained in disability inclusion

In many countries where CBM works, people with disabilities face stigma and discrimination. They are often excluded from their communities and denied their rights and opportunities to fulfill their potential.

We help to equip people with disabilities and their families with the tools that they need to speak out and claim their rights, and to show that we all benefit when disabled people are included and empowered.

How we help

CBM programmes help promote disability inclusion and rights by:

  • Training and supporting people with disabilities and their families to speak out for and claim their rights;
  • Supporting self-help groups and disabled people’s organisations to provide peer support and give people with disabilities a stronger voice;
  • Influencing Governments and decision makers through policy and advocacy work, encouraging them to recognise the rights of people with disabilities and the valuable contribution they can make.

For more information about our advocacy and rights work, visit our Policy section.

In action

Women participate in Break the Cycle Village Saving and Loans Associations training.

Break the Cycle: reducing violence against women and girls with disabilities in Nigeria

Our 3-year Break the Cycle project aims to reduce violence against women and girls with disabilities in Nigeria…

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3 people walking to relief camp following Nepal earthquake.

Helping humanitarian organisations include older and disabled people (Age and Disability Capacity Programme)

CBM was one of seven agencies involved in the Age and Disability Capacity Programme (ADCAP), which aimed to ensure…

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Representatives of disabled people's organisations attend a training session.

Supporting people with disabilities to campaign for their rights

CBM has trained people with disabilities in Uganda and Tanzania to speak up for their rights as well as…

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Transforming lives

Jeanne has turned her life around with help from a CBM programme in Rwanda.


“Now, people call me a person with a disability, not someone who is nothing. Now, the future is better.”

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Yahraj lost his right arm in an electrical accident in India.


“I was asked to form a small group of people with disabilities who offer mutual support and are activists for the rights of people living with disabilities…From that time on, my life changed.”

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Evelyn, 73, waters her plot in the community garden in Chivi, Zimbabwe
8th Apr 2022

New policy paper launched: Locating disability inclusion in action on climate change

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4th Aug 2022

Meet the team at CoRSU

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