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Chandrakala, 32, had always wanted to be a beautician, but because of her disability she couldn’t get the training she needed. Through our Futuremakers project, we supported Chandrakala in achieving her dream.

Chandrakala in her beauty parlour. She has some banknotes in her hands.

At three years old, one of Chandrakala’s legs became weaker than the other. Their community believed this was simply something God had chosen for her. They tried their best to help her by performing traditional rituals, but nothing worked. Her family was left with unanswered questions and uncertainty about the future.

Chandrakala’s parents took her to a hospital, hoping for answers, treatment, and support. However, because of the lack of resources and training available at the hospital, the doctor was unable to offer a diagnosis or any form of treatment. As time passed, Chandrakala’s leg became thinner and shorter, aggravating the challenges she faced in her daily life.

“They always say that I can’t do anything, so I just stay inside the home, and support in the household chores.”

These circumstances are sadly all too common in Nepal. However, with your help, we are changing this narrative.

Chandrakala stood in front of a range of products at her beauty parlour.

How we’ve helped

Chandrakala is now part of a self-help group where she connects with others facing similar challenges. Through this group, she learned about CBM’s Futuremakers project, delivered with one of our local partners, DECN. Futuremakers  helps people with disabilities aged 18-35 find jobs or start businesses.

After years of believing she could never fulfil her dream of being a beautician, Chandrakala was able to access training and start her own business in her house.

“Since I received training through this project, I’m so happy. I just want to appreciate the support that this team and this project is providing.”

Chandrakala, wearing pink, threads the eyebrows of a customer.

Now, after closing her shop at the end of each day, Chandrakala feels happy and fulfilled. Even though some people in her community aren’t fully supportive, her disability hasn’t held her back and she is able to live the life she’s always dreamed of.

“Now I have enough confidence to show my family that I am able to do whatever I want. I want to provide a message to the community, to those who were neglecting me because of my disability in the past, I want to prove that a person with a disability can also build a business and become independent.”

Chandrakala’s dream of independence has changed her life, and she has gained new confidence and happiness that she can share with others.

Without you, people like Chandrakala wouldn’t be able to find the support they need to go out and earn a living. Together, we can help generations of young people reach their full potential.

How you can help

There are many people just like Chandrakala who are being deprived of opportunities to earn a living and create the life they deserve. Together, we can help more people with disabilities have a brighter future.

This project is funded by the Standard Chartered Foundation and delivered by CBM and DECN in partnership with the Standard Chartered Foundation. It is part of Futuremakers by Standard Chartered, a global initiative to tackle inequality by promoting economic inclusion for disadvantaged young people.

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All photos: ©CBM UK/Kishor

Chandrakala, wearing pink, threads the eyebrows of a customer.