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Budi, wearing a checked shirt, is in a courtyard in a red wheelchair.

Our work in Indonesia

With a population of 274 million, made up of more than 300 ethnic groups, Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia. However, the quality of health care varies hugely, and access is a persistent problem for poor communities and the millions of people with disabilities.

Supporting people with disabilities to lead independent lives

We have been working alongside our local partners in Indonesia since 1978, supporting access to vital health care and creating opportunities for people with disabilities to learn new skills and earn a living.

Kumiati, wearing black and a blue headscarf is stood outisde and smiles into the camera.
23.3 million people have a disability (National Economic Survey)

Working together for inclusion

With your support we can continue to support disability inclusion in Indonesia, working alongside people with disabilities and their communities to achieve change.

Sugeng, is stood outisde in a black t shirt and smiles at the camera.
Suprihatin, wearing a blue headscarf, is stood in front of a green building.

Suprihatin lives with a cognitive disability. Within her community in Indonesia, she leads a self-help group for people with cognitive disabilities.

Suprihatin, wearing a blue headscarf, looks up.