Indonesia Earthquake

Urgent Appeal: please donate now

Indonesia Earthquake

Urgent Appeal: please donate now

On 21st November a devastating earthquake struck West Java in Indonesia, triggering landslides and causing buildings to collapse.

The earthquake has tragically killed over 260 people and injured hundreds more. Many of those killed or injured were children when school buildings collapsed.

People are taking refuge in emergency tents, places of worship, and government buildings that are still functioning, but the power supply is turned off and hospitals have been hit badly.

After-shocks are making it difficult for much-needed help to arrive. Cold temperatures, especially at night, are making shelter an urgent priority, and there are also fears that rain may cause flash floods and landslides.

Please donate now to provide urgent essentials such as tents, blankets and hygiene kits to families who’ve lost everything.

“The earthquake was scary. Many people died and many others are injured.

Many people with disabilities are isolated and cannot easily access evacuation sites and assistance. Communities, including people with disabilities like me, are in need of support. We need tents, blankets, food, and toiletries.”

Ela, a woman with disabilities from one of the most affected areas.
Photo (right) taken by Ela of her local area in West Java, Indonesia

A row of houses, one blue to the left, with their roofs caved in next to rubble on a road.

How your gift can help


Your gift today will provide urgent support such as:

  • tents and blankets - in the mountainous Cianjur region, cold night-time temperatures and rain mean that shelter is a vital priority.
  • hygiene kits to protect families from disease;
  • medical supplies and assistive devices for people with disabilities.

"It is highly likely that the impact of the disaster will continue to increase."

Anton R Purnama
Humanitarian Coordinator, CBM Global Indonesia

How CBM is helping


CBM’s team in Indonesia is working with our local partners in the area to reach out to people with disabilities and others who are particularly vulnerable. No one should be left behind.

We know that people with disabilities are often the worst affected when a disaster strikes. They are:

  • at higher risk of being injured
  • at higher risk of losing their lives
  • also at risk of facing additional barriers that can make it harder to rebuild their homes and livelihoods.

When disaster strikes, people with disabilities are among the most vulnerable. Please pray for people affected by this devastation in Indonesia and donate now to support CBM’s emergency work in response.

Thank you.

Your donation will help us to provide urgent support to people living with disability and struggling in poverty and emergency situations. Donations will be prioritised for CBM’s response in Indonesia, with any surplus funds used where the need is greatest.

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