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Hadiza looks into the camera, she is wearing a pair of purple glasses.

Our Work in Nigeria

Although Nigeria has one of the largest economies in Africa, high levels of poverty and lack of basic healthcare affect millions of people.

Over half a century of experience

We have been working with partners in Nigeria since 1968, preventing blindness, supporting disability inclusion, and improving health care, including for people affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) and obstetric fistula.

A woman wearing a blue headscarf washes her face with water.
122 million
people are at risk of at least one Neglected Tropical Disease (Nigerian NTD Master Plan)

A holistic approach

Whether providing cataract surgeries, supporting local healthcare systems, or advocating for disability rights, we work with our local partners to take a holistic approach to building inclusive communities where everyone can thrive.

A lady in an orange headscarf uses a sewing machine to sew a blue garment.
Sauban, wearing brown, wears an eye patch covering his left eye following cataract surgery.

“I can now see very well with my two eyes, when I get back to school I will no longer sit close to the chalkboard. I want to study hard and join the army when I grow up.”

Sauban, age 10, Nigeria
Hadiza, looks off to the side. She is wearing a pair of purple glasses.