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Risper lying down in bed. Cecilia is sitting next to her with a hand on her leg.

Our work in Kenya

Kenya is the economic, transport and communication hub of East Africa. Yet in recent years Kenya has experienced its worst drought in decades caused by several seasons of failed rains. People with disabilities have been among those hardest hit.

Working with local partners

We have been working with local partners and communities in Kenya since the early 1970s. Our work continues today providing inclusive humanitarian assistance and supporting community mental health work.

A woman with beads around her neck sits down and smiles.
More than 4.2 million people are facing acute malnutrition

Ensuring an inclusive humanitarian response

As climate change increases the risk of humanitarian crises, we stay committed to ensuring that people with disabilities are included in any emergency response.

A man at a market stall holds some fruit up to the camera.
Joyce is sitting down, weaving a basket.

“I am grateful to CBM because if not for you, we would be in a very bad place. These baskets are what we have and many times she doesn’t sell anything. Those are the nights the hearth in our kitchen will not light up.”

Joyce, Kenya
Cilia and Risper cuddling. Standing in a door way.