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Journeying back to independence

Posted on: Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

76 year old Tera had cataracts in both eyes, stopping him not only from seeing properly, but also from providing for his family. Living in rural Zimbabwe, Tera and his wife relied on the small piece of land they farmed in order to grow enough maize, groundnuts and millet to feed themselves.

Tera’s independence took a sharp turn after he lost most of his sight to cataracts, leaving his wife to look after everything by herself. Speaking about his condition, Tera’s wife said, “It hurt me because he is also my helper.” When Tera noticed his deteriorating sight, he thought the problem would go away on its own. Following a sudden decline, Tera’s wife encouraged him to get help from CBM-supported Norton Eye Unit.

Desperate to have his sight back, Tera received the news that help was available with joy:

 ”I feel very happy because going blind and having to move around with a cane is not something you can easily come to terms with, especially if you could see before. I hope to go back to my farming activities.”

Tera sat inside his home in Zimbabwe, smiling

Thanks to the generosity of CBM supporters, Tera was able to receive cataract surgery and was delighted to find that after the operation, his eyesight had improved: “I can see the doctors”, he said, “they are putting on green overalls. I would like to thank the doctors who are doing this great job. I am really appreciative of this work these people are doing. I hope it continues such that other people after me benefit.”

Removing cataracts is a quick and straightforward procedure – but the results are life changing. Now, Tera is looking forward to returning home, beginning work on his land again, being able to help his wife, and regaining his independence.

Making a lasting difference

We are hugely grateful for our supporters that decide to leave CBM a gift in their Will. One of our supporters, David, recently told us:

“Like many people, I wear glasses. To try and live without your sight must be horrendous. CBM are particularly important to me because of their work among the poorest of the poor. Anything you leave to CBM goes such a long way.

I think it’s only about £24 covers the cost of a cataract operation and that enables somebody to see. You can barely go out for a meal for £24, yet you can enable somebody to see, to see their grandchildren, to work. It’s incredible that so little money can make so big a difference.”

If you’re interested if leaving a gift in your Will, you can find out more here.

Images: Top – Tera and his wife standing on their plot of land in Zimbabwe. Bottom – Tera sat inside his home in Zimbabwe, smiling after successful cataract surgery.