Alice kisses her grandaughter, Alice Igoki group with her granddaughter Nkirote, Kenya

Leave a gift in your will

Remember them, and they’ll remember you forever.

Imagine the joy of being able to see again after years of blindness. Or of seeing your child able to walk without pain for the first time, thanks to clubfoot surgery. A Gift in your Will will change lives forever and continue making a difference for generations to come.

Gifts in Wills currently fund 1/7th of our life changing work. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can leave a gift in your Will, please email David Rootham, Senior Officer or phone him on 01223 484700.

“Tine was concerned for those who had little and the thought of supporting CBM was one that thrilled her”.

Edgar Powell, brother of Tine Jenkin, a generous supporter who left a gift in her Will. Legacies such as Tine’s have funded the building of new eye clinics, enabled children with disabilities to go to school, trained doctors to prevent conditions that lead to disability and 

Tine Jenkin left a legacy to CBM

much more.

Your gifts could help...

  • Give sight to people who are needlessly blind through cataract surgery.
  • Enable children with disabilities to go to school.
  • Protect a village against blinding diseases such as trachoma.
  • Train medical experts, surgeons, teachers and community workers to reach more people with disabilities.
  • Equip people with livelihood skills and experience to live independently.

Which gift is best for you?

  • Residuary - this gift means that you can leave all, or a share of the residue, of your estate to CBM. You can specify a percentage or share of the estate.
  • Pecuniary - a pecuniary legacy left to CBM allows you to choose a definite sum for your gift.
  • Specific if you wish to leave a certain item or artefact to CBM, you could consider adding it to your Will as a specific legacy.

If you would like to add a gift to CBM in your Will then please give the following details to your solicitor or Will writer together with the  gift amount or percentage of your estate.

  • Our address; CBM UK Oakington Business Park, Oakington, Cambridge CB24 3DQ
  • Charity registration no; 1058162 (England & Wales) and SC041101 (Scotland)

Every gift no matter how big or small will transform the lives of children and families living in the world's poorest communities.

"Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to." Deut 15:10 NIV

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can leave a gift in your will, please email David Rootham, Senior Officer or phone 01223 484700.

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