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Robert McCorquodale steps down as CBM UK’s Chair of Trustees

Posted on: Saturday, November 26th, 2022

Passionate about tackling injustice, Professor Robert McCorquodale joined CBM UK’s Board of Trustees in 2018, providing excellent leadership as Chair since May 2019. He stepped down in October 2022, having been appointed to the United Nations Working Group on Business and Human Rights.

Professor Robert McCorquodale, an international human rights lawyer, joined CBM’s Board four years ago after witnessing through his work how the voices and needs of people with disabilities are routinely neglected or overlooked. He says:

“I saw people with disabilities repeatedly struggling with access, not seen as having potential and often ignored. CBM’s work, both on sight and more broadly on disability inclusion, was really attractive to me.”

We have been incredibly grateful for Robert’s partnership with us in the fight for disability inclusion over the past four years. He has brought a wealth of wisdom and talent to the Board, providing invaluable leadership as Chair since 2019, and supporting CBM through some challenging times including the COVID pandemic. As Robert reflects on the last four years, he says:

“I have really enjoyed my time as Chair of CBM UK. The engagement, interest and diverse skills of the Trustees have enabled clear strategic decisions to be made.

Our decision-making has been enhanced by the wonderful staff and leadership of CBM UK, especially the excellent Kirsty Smith, who all demonstrate a combination of expertise and innovative ideas, with a deep concern for those living with disabilities in the Global South.

By working with all these people and seeing some of the amazing and profound impacts it makes, I know what a fabulous organisation it is and how much it deserves continuing support.”

Robert is stepping down as Chair to make time for his new appointment to the United Nations Working Group on Business and Human Rights, a body seeking to prevent and address human rights abuses committed in business operations. Chief Executive Kirsty Smith, says:

“Robert’s astute approach to organisational strategy, his leadership of the Board, and his drive to support CBM UK’s power shift have been instrumental in moving the organisation forward in so many ways. The Trustees and staff are very sorry to see him go but celebrate his contributions to this vital area of UN work.”