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The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021

Posted on: Tuesday, November 30th, 2021

Today, on Giving Tuesday, we’re launching our Big Give Christmas Challenge, to free women in Nigeria from devastating fistula. Click this link to find out more about the Big Give Christmas Challenge (open link in new tab)

For one week only, from 30th November-7th December, your donations will be DOUBLED – meaning every £1 you give becomes £2 to deliver life-changing fistula treatment and help women rebuild their lives.

Fistula is a debilitating condition affecting women and girls, causing incontinence and leaving them prone to infection. It is usually the result of prolonged labour and lack of maternal healthcare in low- and middle-income countries.

Because fistula can result in the involuntary release of urine and/or faeces, those with the condition often become isolated and excluded from their communities. The impact on their lives is devastating.

Olubunmi standing outside, in front of a tree.

For 27 years, Olubunmi lived with fistula. Childbirth complications left her with a hole in her birth canal, unable to control urine. The experience was traumatic, it changed her life, her ability to earn an income and how she relates with people. She used to work as an event caterer but now avoids public places.

“Before I was free to work and travel but now I can’t go away from home.”

All donations before midday on 7 December will be matched by The Big Give Christmas Challenge, meaning your gift has incredible TWICE THE IMPACT.

Over 100,000 women and girls are living with obstetric fistula in Nigeria. Many woman are not aware that treatment is available for the condition and are facing stigma, discrimination and exclusion.

Donations will help fund a comprehensive healthcare programme to help end the suffering of women and girls living with fistula and prevent further occurrences of the condition. Together we can fund over 600 fistula repair surgeries, giving woman and girls the treatment they need to start rebuilding their lives. You could also help fund 3 day business workshops so that women and girls have the skills they need to start earning a living to provide for themselves and their families.

To help prevent further instances of this condition, CBM partner SFHF will run sexual and reproductive health education programs at secondary schools to give girls greater decision making power. You’ll also be helping to train local women’s health champions so women and girls living with fistula know that help is available and women living with fistula can be identified sooner.

With your support CBM partner SFHF can run training sessions for midwives, nurses and doctors on fistula prevention helping to reduce the number of women and girls who develop obstetric fistula during childbirth.

Click here to give now for 2x the impact (open link in new tab)!

Your support today can help end years of suffering for women and girls living in Nigeria. Together we can help women and girls to rebuild their lives and take control of their futures.

Images: Top – Olubunmi sat down in a hospital. Bottom – Olubunmi stood outside.