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Tinotenda’s Poem

A video snapshot - Tinotenda stands infront of her school. "Disability does not mean inability" is subtitled.
Tinotenda sits at a table with a pen in her hand. There are other students sat in the background.

Meet Tinotenda

Tinotenda is aged ten and lives in Zimbabwe. She loves learning, making art, and she told us:

“My favourite thing about school is learning about the world.”

She wrote this poem to advocate for the millions of girls with disabilities, like her, who are missing out on school. Tinotenda needs glasses to clearly see the chalkboard and read, but her family currently can’t afford them.

Many schools also aren’t accessible, and many girls with disabilities don’t have the aids they need, like wheelchairs or even glasses. But as Tinotenda says: “Include us!” Every child should have the right to an education.

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