Hadiza is wearing glasses.

“We dream of Hadiza going to school and building a bright future for herself.” Hadiza’s father.

Three-year-old Hadiza lives in northern Nigeria, West Africa. Both of Hadiza’s parents have been blind since they were young – her mother was born blind and her father lost his sight after he developed measles as a young child.

Hadiza is being cuddled by her mother and her father is sat beside them smiling.

They try to farm the land but have struggled to earn a living doing so. Living in extreme poverty, they have had to rely on family members who have provided food for them.

When Hadiza’s parents discovered that their daughter was also having problems with her vision, they were overwhelmed with sadness. The thought of Hadiza facing the same challenges they had endured living blind filled their hearts with pain and fear.

However, their hope was reignited when they found out that their daughter had cataracts, and that they could be treated at CBM’s partner hospital in Kano. Her father told us, “We were really excited when we heard that treatment was possible, and the cost will be taken care of. I am hoping our child will see.”

Hadiza is wearing glasses.

Hadiza had successful cataract surgery thanks to CBM’s supporters, and her parents are looking forward to their daughter starting school and having a brighter future.


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