Ntato is the Chairlady of The Retuna E Mpadas Women's Group, based in Kenya. They are a community development group to empower people to survive poverty.
  • 6.9m People with disability [1]
  • 99,000 People who are blind [2]
  • 46% People live in poverty [3]

Kenya is the economic, transport and communication hub of East Africa. It’s largely an agricultural country with one of the fastest growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Kenya has reduced child mortality, achieved near universal primary school enrolment and is working towards a more equitable health care system. However, it still has significant problems of unemployment and poverty to tackle, with almost half the population of 46 million people estimated to live below the poverty line.

CBM has been working with partners in Kenya since the early 1970s, preventing blindness, improving health and helping people with disabilities go to school, earn a living, access health care/rehabilitation and secure respect in their communities.

  • [1] 15% of population - WHO estimate that 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability.
  • [2] IAPB, Vision Atlas.
  • [3] World Bank.

Transforming lives

Morgan from Kenya was diagnosed with bilateral congenital cataracts.


“I am grateful that through well-wishers he has received medical care and cataract surgery all paid for and is on the road to recovery. I wouldn’t be able to afford all that money..”

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Participants at the 2-day launch event for the pilot project in Kenya, in February 2021.
29th Sep 2021

Piloting innovative solutions to improve access to employment for deaf people

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L-R: Valery, Victoria M, and Rehema.
8th Oct 2021

Overcoming mental health challenges: stories from a Kenyan university

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