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Living in extreme poverty in Nigeria, Hadiza’s parents dreamt of their daughter getting an education and having a bright future. However, after learning of their daughter’s sight issues, their hearts were filled with sadness. Thanks to our supporters, we were able to change this narrative and help Hadiza get the surgery she needed to save her sight.

Hadiza looks into the camera, she is wearing a pair of purple glasses.

Hadiza is a three-year-old girl living in northern Nigeria facing a unique upbringing: both her parents are blind. Whilst her mother was born blind, her father lost his sight when he contracted meningitis as a child.

Living in extreme poverty, Hadiza’s parents tried to farm the land to earn a living, but this was almost impossible due to their condition. Hadiza and her family face challenges most of us can’t imagine, and they rely heavily on other family members in order to survive.

Hadiza’s parents longed for their daughter to live a life that was less challenging than theirs. When they learned she was also having problems with her vision, they were devastated. They knew that without her vision, Hadiza would struggle to get an education and escape the poverty cycle.

Hadiza, looks off to the side. She is wearing a pair of purple glasses.

“We dream of Hadiza going to school and building a bright future for herself.”

Hadiza isn’t alone. There are thousands of children living with vision problems in Nigeria, unable to get the treatment they desperately need. However, thanks to our supporters, we can give children like Hadiza a future filled with possibility.

How we helped

Hadiza’s cataracts were treated at our partner hospital, ECWA, where we have invested in specialist training and equipment so children like Hadiza can receive this life-changing surgery.

“We were really excited when we heard that treatment was possible, and the cost will be taken care of. I am hoping our child will see.”

Now, because of you, Hadiza and her parents are filled with hope for the future. They are looking forward to their daughter starting school and pursuing her dreams.

Hadiza's mother is sitting on a bench with Hadiza on her lap.

How you can help

Together, we can help thousands of children receive cataract surgery and have the best possible chance in life.

All photos: ©CBM Global/Nelson Owoicho

Hadiza wearing a pair of purple glasses.