Akawu sits on a wooden bench with his staff between his legs.

Help eliminate river blindness. For good.

Your gift has SEVEN times the impact

Help eliminate river blindness. For good.

Your gift has SEVEN times the impact

Help eliminate river blindness. For good.

Your gift has SEVEN times the impact

You can help protect families from the agony of river blindness.

River blindness is excruciating. Spread by blackflies, their larvae grow in thousands of people every year in Sub-Saharan Africa. First is the mind-numbing itching. Then, if not treated in time, the worms attack the eyes.

River blindness is avoidable. But if we don't reach people in time, entire families can go blind - permanently. 

For Akawu (pictured above), help came too late. River blindness painfully robbed his sight, livelihood, and ability to take care of himself and others. Now he can't go a day without someone guiding him.

This doesn't need to happen. And it shouldn't. Your gift today can unlock seven times the impact.

The medicine and volunteer network will add seven times the impact for every pound you give.

But it starts with you. Will you help eliminate river blindness, for good?

Akawu, with his eyes closed is standing in front of some vegetation. He is holding a wooden staff.

"I wish I could see and work again like in the past. I was able to take care of myself.
But now... this is no life anymore."

Akawu is from rural Nigeria.

"I became blind more than twenty years ago." As a young man, Akawu started working as a labourer for a road construction company. He was earning money, helping to develop his community and making plans for the future.

Until blackflies persistently bit him at work. Within a few years, his eyesight became so poor he had to stop working.

Soon, Akawu was completely blind, trapped at home, and trying to support his mother, who had also lost her sight to river blindness.

Because, in his words, "there is nobody who can really support us and take care of the blind. We are suffering."

Akawu works hard to feed himself and be independent, but river blindness makes it almost impossible.

"I also go to the farm. From time to time I ask people to help me to harvest properly or not to weed the wrong things. But as the harvest is generally not enough, I end up begging in the village centre and on market days.

"People call me “blind man” disrespectfully and say that I should go home. This is our situation.”

In Akawu's village community alone, over 40 people are permanently blind because of river blindness.

Your kindness now can help save the sight of future generations.

Whatever you can give today will have SEVEN times the impact

Thank you.

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